Currently, what is The Most Effective Acne Treatment?

To be honest, acne sucks. While many of the people who suffer from this are teenagers undergoing puberty, some adults too are faced with the problem. Acne develops when the hair follicles are blocked with an oily substance called sebum which is produced by the skin to provide protection. Dead skin cells can also cause the blockages too. The bacteria in the process multiply and get to cause a considerable amount of pain as well as swelling below these blockages. Acne can develop on the face, chest, neck, shoulders and back. They are usually annoyingly persistent. The lesions formed take a long time to heal, and just when one shows signs of healing, another crops up. So what is the most effective best acne treatment? Well this article has just the thing for you to aid you in getting rid of the annoying zits so that you can look your hottest.

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However, before we dive into the treatment bit of acne, it is probably wise to get to establish some of the myths that are going around about the causes of acne. It is the belief of many people that feeding on greasy food and chocolates could lead to the development of acne. This could not be further from the truth. There is no evidence found that connects unhealthy feeding habits to the development of acne. It is however advisable that one sticks to a healthy balanced diet for the general well being of the body. There are still some people who believe that bad hygiene can cause this condition. This is not true. You could get acne no matter how clean your skin is. If anything, too much cleaning may lead to the worsening of the condition as you leave the skin without any protective oils. Lastly, the fewer times you touch your skin translates to a reduced chance of transferring bacteria to the skin. This however does not mean that the application of makeup may cause acne. This is just a myth that many have picked up and believed over the years. You will however have to wash your hands before you apply makeup and be sure to take it off before you got to sleep at night.

Acne most of the time goes away by itself, though it may take many years. There are several treatments that may aid in the clearing of the acne. These methods of treatment are effective. There are topical treatments and oral treatments.

Under the topical treatment we have Alezaic acid which occurs naturally in animal products as well as wholegrain cereals. The acid gets rid of acne as it kills bacteria and gets rid of dead skin. It normally comes as a gel or cream and is required to be applied at least once a day. You will have to use this product for about one month before the condition improves. Another form treatment is the use of Benzoyl peroxide which helps prevent dead skin from blocking the hair follicle as well as kill the bacteria that cause inflammation. It is available in form of a gel or cream. One should apply to the affected areas 20 minutes after washing the face. However care should be taken not to apply too much of it as it may be harmful.

For oral treatments, one could take zinc supplements which play a great role in aiding the wounds to heal faster and prevent inflammation. However, to reduce nausea and the bad taste, one could take the supplement together with food.

A common mistake however in the treatment of acne is the use of many products all at a go. Be sure to stick to one product as many of these products do not show results immediately.